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The attorneys at Curran & Curran Law provide more than 30 years of combined experience to the field of employment law. Based in Encinitas, employment lawyers Michael Curran and Susan Curran provide personalized service to California individuals and businesses. Clients collaborate directly with the attorneys — not associates or paralegals — when resolving a legal matter.

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  • business litigation

    Business litigation to resolve disputes between businesses, contract disputes, real estate disputes, aviation or civil litigation.

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  • employment law

    Representing employees who are victims of employer retaliation, discrimination, breach of contract and severance issues.

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  • personal injury

    Assisting individuals to pursue financial reimbursement for lost wages, medical bills and other damages in all types of personal injury cases.

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  • aviation

    Representing individuals, aviation professionals, corporations, FBO, and associated businesses in aviation-related activities.

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Retaliation and Employment LawyersRepresenting Clients Throughout Greater San Diego

  • We don’t take 100 cases and expect to win half. We only take cases we would try.
  • We are very active in the legal community and are well known and respected trial attorneys.
  • We develop relationships with our clients and handle their cases in a personal, one-on-one manner. All the way from the initial consultation to the conclusion of their cases, we’re right there with them.

Lawyers at Curran & Curran Law will consider any employment case, but they will only accept cases that they believe will benefit the employee or employer who is seeking legal counsel. Each client receives thorough, personalized representation in an employment issue.

The law firm receives and considers many referrals from other law firms. The lawyers at Curran & Curran have developed a reputation for being aggressive trial attorneys, and when it’s in the best interest of a client, mediation or alternative dispute resolution options are considered.

Like any professional relationship, communication is vital to reaching successful outcomes. Curran & Curran Law provides responsive, proactive and clear communication from the beginning of a case until its end.

Contact Curran & Curran Law for targeted, tenacious representation and to discover how collaborating with experienced attorneys can lead to positive outcomes in an employment matter.

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We investigate and are prepared in every case as if it is going to go to trial. Being fully prepared from the beginning puts our clients in the strongest position at every stage in the litigation. We only take cases we’re prepared to take to trial.

Our clients find that we are responsive and easy to work with, and zealous advocates on their behalf. We’ve been called “pit bulls” more than once, that’s a compliment. That’s what our clients can expect and the reputation we’ve earned.

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“Susan and Michael Curran are the consummate professionals. They took ample time sitting down with me to understand my objectives and provided critical feedback for my unique legal situation... I am sincerely grateful for their patience, understanding, guidance, and follow through.”

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