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Encinitas Aviation Lawyer

Aviation law is typically a federal matter, overseen by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). These agencies primarily deal with accidents, regulation compliance, and safety. After an accident or in the course of regular aviation business, however, a pilot, company, owner, or individual may need legal representation to address aviation concerns in civil court. Only qualified counselors can properly advise you on these issues.

You may want to talk with an experienced aviation attorney to:

  • Help your aviation business maintain compliance with federal regulations
  • Draw up contracts between aviation industry players, including pilots and other companies
  • Address contract disputes in the industry
  • Hold a responsible party accountable after an injurious and/or property damaging accident
  • Address complications arising from changes to aviation law that Congress passes and federal agencies use to audit pilots, owners, and companies
  • Handle insurance disputes
  • Address other aviation concerns like licensing, leasing, and business litigation

While you may believe any personal injury attorney can handle an accident case or that any attorney can draw up a contract, an attorney who specializes in aviation law can address the concerns at the heart of aviation cases. Whether a service involves determining the contract of a new pilot or helping an injured party seek justice, aviation attorneys have the experience to accurately assess aviation-related accidents and pursue the most appropriate legal action.

What Makes Aviation Law Different?

 Aviation lawyers understand the aviation industry from the main difficulties plaguing individuals and companies in the space to understanding federal regulation nuances. At Curran & Curran Law, we have over 20 years of experience in aviation law. We offer aviation services to make aviation professionals’ lives easier when legal obstacles arise.

Aviation law is very different from automotive transportation law. The requirements for owning and operating a plane or helicopter are rigorous, and requirements for pilots and aviation professionals are just as strict. FAA violations, business disputes, and accidents all present a unique set of governing factors. Michael Curran, a founding partner of Curran & Curran Law, holds Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor certificates, and understands flying from every angle.

Accidents in aviation are also handled differently. Plane crashes are very serious matters, which may take weeks to investigate properly. Machine malfunctioning, maintenance crews, piloting, and operating factors may all play into why an aviation accident happened. Understanding how planes operate is the key to building a successful case for clients.

Regardless of your aviation-related situation, an attorney who specializes in aviation law will have a more in-depth understanding of the practical and legal side of a case. Our firm can help protect your rights and pursue justice for any aviation case.

Finding a Qualified Legal Representative

At Curran & Curran Law, our industry expertise allows us to communicate effectively with clients, 3rd parties, and in court to ensure the truth is the deciding factor in the cases we take on. We commit wholly to each client we take on and provide one-on-one responsiveness and accessibility that only a smaller law firm can provide. Our attorneys serve as legal representatives for both aviation and non-aviation businesses and for individuals involved in aviation cases.

We start each case by talking with our clients to get a thorough understanding of their cases. With an initial phone call, we can typically determine the best course of action for our clients. When we take on a case, we work with our clients and independently so we can build the most effective case and provide proactive legal services. Contact us today in San Diego to learn more about how we can help you.