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Tesla worker rejects settlement offer

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Employment Law

Racial discrimination happens at many workplaces around the country. Those who live in California, where a diverse population makes up the state, may want to find out more about what happened at Tesla. There was a report that a worker would not accept a settlement of $15 million. He feels that amount is not enough to pay for the racial slurs he encountered, as a Black man, while working for the company as an elevator operator.

According to insurance sources, the jury previously agreed to $137 million, but that amount received a reduction by a judge. The man was not happy with this slashing of the amount.

Hostile work environment

The racial discrimination alleged by the worker included racial slurs, caricatures and swastikas while he worked at the Fremont plant. He was there for 9 months between 2015 and 2016.

Original numbers seen as too much

The jury awarded the man $137 million, but the judge deemed that amount of damages as excessive. Instead, he slashed that amount to $15 million. The man who faced the racial discrimination at Tesla said that the amount of dollars was not enough to cover the the emotional pain and discomfort which which he endured.

Lawyers think that judge has bias

The lawyers for this man feel that there was bias with the judge, as he slashed the amount. They feel it is in violation of the worker’s constitutional rights of a jury trial, since the judge did not listen to the jury that made the original amount of the award.

Racial discrimination in the court may amount to a large settlement. A recent case, however, saw the judge slash the settlement amount. The worker who brought the suit would not agree the amount that Tesla then offered. The door is now open for a new trial.