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How to deal with a hostile work environment

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Employment Law

There are few things worse than being with a company that is host to a hostile environment. If you feel that your California employer is setting a horrible example, you can take action. There may be any number of violations of state and federal law that are being committed at your workplace. You may be the one who is in a position to blow the whistle.

The definition of a hostile work environment

Hostile work environments are a source of misery for all too many employees. These are places where harassment based on race, gender, age, religious preference, sexual preference, or other unavoidable characteristics is present. It can also be an area where supervisors or owners try to intimidate their workers.

A hostile environment may be a workplace where bosses or fellow employees make remarks about your looks or your clothing. They may refuse to stop making these remarks even after you report them to the owner. They may become verbally or physically abusive. Your office may become a place you are afraid to work in.

You can take action to report hostility

If you are experiencing workplace discrimination or other hostile actions, you can report it to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. You can also contact the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. These are bodies that are equipped to receive your complaint and give it a fair evaluation.

Keep in mind that there is a strict statute of limitations involved. You have one year from the time of the incident to report it. If you work in a government office, you have 180 days to make your official report. Once your claim is received, it will be given due consideration. If your claim is strong enough, you can count on action being taken.