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Your privacy while employed

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Employment Law

Whether you work in a small office or a large warehouse in California, you might think that you have to submit to everything that your employer requests. However, there are privacy rights for each employee so that you have a comfortable and safe work environment.

Harassment and discrimination

One of the basic rights pertaining to employment law is that you should be free from harassment or discrimination. This could be from your employer as well as from fellow employees. Sexual harassment is one of the most common situations along with bullying. Discriminating factors typically include race, gender, or religion. When you’re hired, these are often privacy factors that shouldn’t be in play when an employer reviews your application along with not playing a role in your termination.


Another privacy right that you have in the workplace is the freedom of dangerous substances or activities. When you’re in the workplace, there should be no risk of exposure to chemicals without proper protective equipment. There should be no dangers associated with physical harm from other people. Conditions in the workplace should be safe and up to the proper codes in order to maintain your safety and physical privacy as long as you’re on the clock.

Social media

If you’re like many people who are online, you might have some type of social media account. While you’re employed, one of the privacy rights that you have is the freedom to post the things that you want without the fear of being terminated. Passwords should not be requested by your employer unless they are related to work websites.

While employed with a company, there are freedoms that are provided so that you have certain levels of privacy throughout your employment.