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The negative effects of bullying in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Employment Law

For California workers experiencing bullying in the workplace, there are steps to bring an end to the harassment. Documenting the occurrences and reporting each incident to the appropriate management team and human resources is the smart thing to do. Making your supervisors aware as soon as possible lets them take swift action to rectify the situation.

Bullying and work discrimination both thread the same needle. Both actions attack a person’s character, appearance, religion or any combination of similar traits. Harassment on the job creates shame, poor job performance and low confidence in the victim. The mental and physical abuse causes harm to the victim and is unacceptable and illegal.

Workplace bullying

If an employee is treated harshly or less favorably by one or more persons at work, these are examples of workplace bullying. Work discrimination differs slightly from bullying because it stems from bias based on race, creed, religion, sexuality, disability or other factors. Workplace discrimination against a protected class member has particularly harsh punishments by law.

The effects of workplace bullying

Chronic bullying adversely affects the person bullied, their families and friends. Psychological and physical ailments are common in adults who get taunted repeatedly.

Medical personnel makes reports of patients who complain of severe, chronic head and body aches from the stress of being bullied at work. The long-term effects of bullying can lead to chronic illness and disability.

Workplace discrimination protections

Additional effects of workplace bullying are how the victim reacts once they’re away from work. Misplaced anger, isolation and suicidal tendencies appear in victims’ personal lives. Employers have the resources to eliminate these negative behaviors and create a safe environment for workers.

Many occupational tools, such as counseling and zero tolerance for bullying and harassment, help eliminate workplace discrimination.