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How to know you’re being age-discriminated at work

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Employment Law

Age-related discrimination in California can be challenging to identify. The signs can be subtle and sometimes more direct, but they typically point to unfair treatment due to age. If you suspect you are the target of discrimination, watch for the following signs.

Negative age-related comments

Two-thirds of workers aged 45 to 74 say they have seen or been affected by age discrimination at work, and industries such as entertainment and tech are notorious for their ageism.

If your boss or work colleagues comment about your age, especially if they use derogatory language or jokes, it could signal age discrimination. If these same people ask you about when you plan to retire, that indicates discriminatory behavior.

Unequal treatment or no promotions

It might be considered age discrimination if you keep getting passed over for promotion to roles that fit your qualifications. If your younger colleagues receive more favorable treatment, even though they do the same job as you, this is another potential type of age discrimination.

Reduced responsibilities

Some workers who receive age discrimination see their workload reduced. A boss may reassign some of the individual’s work to others and remove some of the worker’s previous responsibilities. Some employees find they get excluded from meetings and other company functions they used to attend regularly.

Unwarranted discipline

Some workers receive less favorable reviews than previously, even though they continue to deliver the same quality of work. Workers subjected to age discrimination might also find that they receive disciplinary action for certain things at work, yet their younger colleagues do the same activities with no negative feedback.

Knowing the signs of age discrimination can help individuals recognize unfair, age-related treatment in the workplace.