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Addressing Business Litigation From A Strategic Angle

Whether your run a small company or a global corporation, there are many times when you may need experienced business litigation attorneys. Every business runs on a series of mutually beneficial partnerships and agreements. When related parties fail to live up to their side of the arrangement, litigation may be the only form of recourse.

At Curran & Curran Law, we provide business-savvy legal guidance for companies of all sizes in a diverse range of industries, including aviation. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing business clients throughout the San Diego area. One of them has served as a business law professor, demonstrating the depth and breadth of his knowledge in this nuanced legal area.

Businesses rely on our legal acumen to make important decisions that can shape the course of their success in overcoming legal challenges.

Types Of Business Disputes We Handle

Our firm has experience working with both plaintiffs and defendants in business dispute cases. Whether your company has been unfairly taken advantage of or you’re trying to protect your business’s reputation against an unfounded accusation, your business attorney may be the defining factor in your case.

We focus on all areas of business litigation, commonly handling cases involving disputes such as:

  • Inter-business disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Corporate misconduct and liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Business defamation
  • Employment issues
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

Every business dispute case is slightly different, but most business disputes revolve around two or more parties where one or more fails to honor an agreement or contract or in cases where one party fails to uphold their obligations. We know how to leverage the right legal tools to hold that party accountable.

Our Client-Centered Approach To Business Litigation

Every business case is slightly different, which is why we approach our business clients in the same way we do our individual clients: with individualized attention and carefully tailored strategies. As a boutique firm, we work closely and collaboratively with clients. We believe that a legal arrangement is also a partnership. When you partner with Curran & Curran Law, you get two experienced business attorneys working hard to address your legal concerns.

The relationship we have with our clients is just as important as the tireless manner in which we approach each case. As attorneys with a reputation for excellence in the community, there is a reason why clients turn to us for their business litigation needs.

Alleviating Your Concerns By Shouldering The Legal Burdens

We know just how stressful business disputes can be, especially if they threaten the stability and success of your ongoing operations. This is especially true with cherished family businesses or enterprises that you built from the ground up. You have a business to run; you shouldn’t also have to shoulder the burden of a legal dispute.

When you work with us, you will find dedicated allies who are committed to easing your burdens as much as possible. We can take care of the legal issues so you can focus on helping your business thrive.

How Is Business Litigation Different?

Unlike other types of civil litigation, business litigation requires a legal support team who understands the law, intricate business relationships and the financial impact of pursuing a case. A business attorney must have business and financial acumen as much as legal know-how.

We possess all of those attributes. As business owners ourselves, our attorneys understand the cost-benefit analysis that underlies many business decisions. We know how to accurately assess risk in the legal context. We also understand the nuances of business law and use that information to protect businesses during disputes.

Do All Business Disputes End Up In Court?

Some cases can be successfully negotiated outside of court for the benefit of everyone involved. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who understand how to put clients in the strongest bargaining position possible.

When negotiations fail, however, court may become necessary. Our firm only takes cases that we would feel comfortable and confident taking to court. We are strong litigators who won’t hesitate to serve as strong advocates in court. Our attorneys are known as pit bulls for their determination in fighting for clients. We are relentless in pursuing accountability.

Partner With A Successful Business Litigation Firm

When you need a business lawyer, you can count on us to evaluate every aspect of a case. We understand that you have a business to run and that business litigation can be a headache for daily operations. The time and cost of each legal dispute are carefully considered along with other factors to ensure our business clients can make informed decisions when pursuing legal action.

Let us know if you believe your business may be headed for a dispute situation or if you currently have a legal need in or around San Diego. Sometimes proactively reaching out to an attorney is the best way to protect your company from significant financial loss, slander, real estate loss or other harm. We can help you develop the best strategy for addressing your unique situation so your business can get back to its daily operations as quickly as possible. Contact us today for an initial case evaluation. You can also call our office in Carlsbad at 760-372-3496.