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Dealing With A Hostile Work Environment?

Nobody should have to dread going to work because of the offensive behavior of coworkers or supervisors. State and federal law recognize that the workplace should be free from discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. If you’re repeatedly subjected to offensive behavior, you may have grounds for a legal claim based on a hostile work environment.

Our lawyers can evaluate your rights and stand up for you. Our firm, Curran & Curran Law, is dedicated to making things right for employees who have suffered from illegal and wrongful treatment at work. You spend so much of your life on the job; you deserve to have a safe environment – physically and psychologically – to earn a living and pursue a career. If the actions or comments of a coworker or supervisor have interfered with that ability, you deserve compensation and justice.

What Is A Hostile Work Environment?

Put simply, a hostile work environment involves a pattern of behavior on the part of a supervisor, manager or coworker that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe and also violates the law. Examples include:

  • A pattern of uncomfortable jokes or comments, unwanted touching or other forms of sexual harassment
  • Discriminatory behavior such as assigning lesser-desired tasks or shifts to people of a certain race, ethnicity, sex or gender
  • An abusive environment, which includes physical, verbal and emotional abuse
  • A pattern of retaliation against employees for speaking up

Generally speaking, a one-time incident isn’t enough to create a hostile work environment, although it may provide grounds for other types of legal claims. When you talk to our lawyers, we can provide guidance on whether you have a hostile work environment case or another type of employment law claim.

Your Allies In Standing Up For Your Employment Rights

If you’re experiencing a hostile work environment, you deserve financial recovery for what you’ve endured. Our attorneys are committed to fighting for employees in these difficult situations. We can speak up for you and protect your rights each step of the way.

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