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Protecting Employees From Sexual Harassment At Work

Work should be a safe space for all employees. It should not leave you feeling uncomfortable or afraid because of another coworker or supervisor’s behavior.

Sadly though, sexual harassment in the workplace is all too common. At Curran & Curran Law in Carlsbad, we have handled many cases of it, and we are determined to fight for employees who have had the misfortune of experiencing it. Our lawyers are compassionate and understanding of what you’ve been through. We know how it feels to be in the difficult position of deciding whether to speak up when doing so could jeopardize your livelihood. We can help you speak the truth about what’s happened while using legal protections to safeguard your job and pursue compensation for the emotional and financial toll of the harassment.

What Exactly Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can take many forms. Examples include:

  • Sexual jokes or comments
  • Sexually explicit posters or decorations
  • Unwelcome touching
  • Catcalls and ogling
  • Suggestive texts or emails
  • Sexual gossip
  • Unwanted romantic gifts
  • Quid pro quo harassment (offering perks in exchange for sexual favors)

The typical scenario that comes to mind for many people is that of a male supervisor or coworker harassing a female coworker. However, sexual harassment can impact employees of any sex, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

If you’re not sure whether something crosses the line, but it makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, that’s a telling sign. You may be in a hostile work environment. Our attorneys can provide guidance on your situation during a confidential consultation.

Safeguarding Employee Rights

Both state and federal laws have protections in place to safeguard employees from sexual harassment. Those laws also:

  • Protect you from retaliation for reporting the harassment
  • Allow you to seek damages (compensation) from your employer for workplace harassment

Our lawyers can help navigate the legal process to enforce your rights. That may entail filing a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). It may then involve filing a lawsuit in state or federal court. Our attorneys are deeply familiar with these avenues and know how to navigate them.

We’re Here To Support You In Speaking Out

If you have concerns about sexual harassment of any kind at your job, you deserve to be heard, and you deserve justice. Our lawyers will provide a safe, supportive space for you to explore your legal options. To learn more, contact us online or call 760-372-3496 to arrange a confidential consultation.